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1. Administration may require additional information in the event of payment to ensure authorized access to your account.
2. The transaction can be canceled by the administration, with the return of all items involved in the transaction. This happens when your item got not real price. For CS:GO due to recent update a refund will be made in 7 days, also u can contact with support for payout with new price.
3. The transaction can not be terminated by you, at any stage, after confirmation in the Steam system.
4. We remind you that in some cases when you withdraw to credit cards, the payment can be processed by the bank up to 5 days and this does not depend on our service in any way.
5. We are not responsible if you make a mistake when filling out the details.
6. With multiple manipulations with prices on the site - the payment will be refused, without refund.
7. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.
8. If we suspect that your transaction was made from stolen account or through phishing, the transaction will be canceled, the funds will not be paid. Items will be returned to the owner.
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