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Hello! You are on Lis-Skins.ru - this is a service, where in a couple of minutes you can sell your items from CS:GO and Dota 2. You are guaranteed to get your money. Now we will show you why you can trust us. More than two thousand people have already sold us their skins at the best Runet prices. So, look:

Reviews from users
We have more than 2000 reviews from our customers since 2017. At each review you can see the rating and the date it was written. And also you have the opportunity to enter the user's Steam profile, add it and talk about the service - discuss its honesty. We vouch for every feedback we receive!

Reviews on TrustPilot
Recently we started collecting reviews on TrustPilot. Their number is still incommensurable with the reviews on the site, but even the most fierce skeptic can be sure of their authenticity! This is a third-party service that values its reputation and checks every review left. We are not able to win positive reviews or remove negative ones. We hope that after a successful transaction you will use Trustpilot and leave us a review ;)

Reccomendations from media persons
Dozens of your favorite bloggers recommend lis-skins, which means they checked and trust him! Would itpedia, Justie, Stint or Acoolbek advise you to scammers? They all carefully check what they show to their subscribers. You can watch some of the videos directly on our main page:

Social Web
Visit us on VK or Instagram, here you can chat with our subscribers and ask, “Is it really safe?”, Our comments are open to everyone :)
Also in our posts you can see reviews from our customers.

But be careful, because we can not guarantee that scammers did not receive the exchange to your account. You ask "how can this be?" At the moment, there is a popular type of scammers who steal your API key and can replace your exchange on Steam.
But you have nothing to fear, we tried to protect you as much as possible. For example, if you give us things from CS: GO, when you will accept the exchange on the phone, be sure to check that in return you will receive the thing from Dota 2, this is such a way to distinguish the exchange from us, the scam bot will not do that. Suddenly, something will go wrong - you will see this plate that tells you what to do, as well as you can contact our online chat and our moderators will explain everything.

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