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1. Why should I trust you? Check out the warranty section , there are many arguments why we are the best service to sell. 2. How fast will the money come? Are payments automatic? Payments are automatic. Payment time up to 10 minutes! 3. Is there a commission on the site? All fees are specified when creating the application, no hidden fees. 4. Why give me a thing in return? Don’t worry, this is a feature of our system so that you can accurately identify the necessary exchange. 5. Payment system selection buttons are inactive Make sure you have a minimum withdrawal amount. 6. Why is the minimum amount for CS: GO = 1000 rubles? This is due to the peculiarity of exchanging things from this game, they have a delay after the exchange. 7. Is it possible to get a sale bonus? YES! If you are our regular customer, we will be glad to offer you the best offers. Also, if you have the opportunity to wholesale, please contact our live chat 8. How can I not be deceived? I think many have heard about various methods of cheating, for example, through your API key, be careful! After accepting our exchange in the browser, refresh the page and make sure that you have no other exchanges. Our system will notify you if your exchange is canceled. Also, when selling CS: GO items, make sure our bot gives the item in return. 9. What if I don’t get the money? Check everything that is said in this article. If you did not find a problem, write to us and we will check it together. 10. Why are prices lower than on Steam? This is how the economy of this market is built. Real money is more valuable than Steam balance, so we pay ~ 60% for your items, but this is the best offer! Be careful if you are offered, for example, 80% or more - most likely, you are attracted to scammers. 11. What skins does the service buy? We buy items from games such as CS: GO and Dota 2. All skins valued above 20rub are rated. on the Steam Market. There is an exception in the form of rare items, if your item is not automatically priced, you can contact our technical support to agree on a price. 12. How is the price of items formed? The price of skins is generated automatically. The data from different trading floors are taken into account.
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