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How to sell CS GO skins
11 December 2019, 04:14
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The CS GO game is popular among gamers around the world, and this is due not only to the exciting and varied gameplay, but also to the unique opportunity to earn money: by understanding how to sell cs go skins, you can get real money for them. Each player can choose realistic or, conversely, bright and unusual skins, varying the type of weapons to your liking. You can buy and sell skins in various ways, and the profit that can be obtained and the time spent on the sale depend on this.


Картинки по запросу csgo skins


Steam Marketplace

For players who are thinking about how to sell the cs go skins most profitably, first of all, it comes to mind the opportunity to use the official store that works through the official Steam trading platform.




It is believed that this option is the easiest and safest, since you do not have to use third-party sites. However, it has several disadvantages. The most important of them is that the funds are transferred to your Steam wallet, which means that they can only be used to buy games. Sales of an expensive skin often have to wait a long time, from time to time manually adjusting the price in accordance with market changes. Therefore, this method is not suitable for those who are looking for how to sell cs go skins quickly and withdraw money to your wallet.


Sell skins on the site

It is not surprising that in this situation a lot of sites and communities have emerged that offer players the opportunity to sell skins at competitive prices. Some of them work as trading platforms, that is, they provide players with the opportunity to negotiate with each other and enter into transactions. Others themselves buy virtual items from players who are interested in how to sell cs go skins. This option is convenient, because you can get money in a matter of minutes - they are sent to a user-friendly wallet, for example, Qiwi, Yandex.Money or PayPal. At the same time, there is no risk of being deceived by stumbling upon an unscrupulous buyer.


Please note that for the sale of skins you may need authorization using your Steam account. This is necessary so that the service can interact with your inventory and send a request for the transfer of those skins that you want to sell. If the site turns out to be fraudulent, you risk losing items from your inventory, many of which can be very expensive. Therefore, figuring out how to sell cs go skins is profitable and safe, you should carefully study the site that you plan to use:

  • As a rule, such sites have groups on social networks. Check out the reviews in the site support group and in thematic communities. 

  • Read the terms of the site. Make sure you are comfortable with the withdrawal options. 

  • Check what commission is taken when withdrawing money and whether the service guarantees their receipt in your account. 

Based on these rules, you can profitably sell skins without risking the safety of your account.


How much skins can cost

Prices for the same in-game item may vary for different services. The main factor that determines how much you can sell cs go skins for is the rarity of an item. The estimated cost of a specific skin can be found by finding it on the trading floor in Steam. However, offers from third-party sites are often more profitable. Often the price is calculated as the average between offers on various services. It may change over time.


One of the collections of knife skins in CS: GO


These changes are affected by the popularity of certain items among players, their frequency of occurrence, in-game events, the emergence of new trading floors and other factors. Nevertheless, if you know how to sell skins in cs go, there is always a way to do this profitably.


The advantages of selling through the site

If you started playing recently, it may seem that using the official trading platform is much simpler and more convenient. However, in fact, specialized sites have a number of advantages:

  • no need to wait until there is a buyer for a specific skin; 

  • you can quickly sell a large number of in-game items; 

  • You can get bonuses for participating in raffles and giveaways, inviting friends who are also interested in how to sell skins in CS;

  • money is withdrawn to any convenient wallet.  

In some cases, the issuance of money may be delayed for several days, however, such situations are rare and arise due to the fault of the bank in which the card is served. If you order payment to an electronic wallet, the transfer occurs almost instantly. You don’t have to spend time placing items on the trading floor, choosing the right price and other routine procedures.


How to sell skins?

Regardless of which site you decide to use, the description of how to sell cs go skins will be similar. You will need to go through Steam, open your inventory and select items for which you want to receive real money. Then you will need to choose a payment method and enter your payment information. An exchange link will be sent to you. Be sure to choose the right items and confirm their transfer through the Steam mobile application (the same way as when exchanging with other players). As a result, items are transferred to the bot, and you get an instant payout.

The choice of items in the inventory.


When you playing in CS: GO, you can not only have fun, but also replenish your wallet. Even if you don’t get very rare items, knowing how to sell cs go skins will come in handy. If you are lucky, the reward will be very impressive. Use a reliable trading site to receive payment instantly. If you want to unload the inventory from unnecessary skins without paying Steam commissions and without wasting time looking for a suitable buyer, a skins sale service is just what you need.

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