How to get skins in CS GO

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been one of the most popular games on Steam for many years now, so it is not surprising that many are interested in the question of how to get skins in cs go. Users love this game not only for the exciting gameplay and the opportunity to play with friends, but also for the various options for customizing the appearance of weapons and other game objects. Make your character different from others, choose realistic or unusual weapons options, stand out against the general background using a rare skin, which only a few have.


How to get skins in CS GO


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Ways to get skins

You can get cs go skins in various ways. The easiest option is to buy them in the game store. There are a lot of items on the market in the Steam application, but their cost can be quite substantial. For rare things, it can reach hundreds and even thousands of rubles. Finding the right skin for sale is not so difficult, but not everyone wants to spend such amounts on virtual items.

It is not surprising that the ability to get cs go skins for free attracts people much more than buying for real money. In addition, getting skins for free makes it possible to earn extra money: you can sell unnecessary items on specialized sites by receiving money for an electronic wallet or mobile phone bill. To get the cs go skins without paying a dime for this, the following methods are suitable:

  • in-game rewards; 

  • exchange with other players; 

  • participation in draws and distributions on sites. 

Each player in cs:go can receive rewards for success in the game once a week for increasing the level of an account. It is enough to play in any mode, and when enough experience is gained to assign a new rank, a player can get a cs go skin - a case from one of the existing collections in the game. There are chances of falling including rare items. However, this method cannot be called fast - you can only get one thing a week, it is determined randomly, and besides, you have to constantly spend time in the game and give preference to those modes that make it possible to quickly increase experience. In addition, it will be necessary to choose exactly those servers where you can get skins - such a server must be protected by VAC and use the official level accrual system. 

How to get skins in CS GO 2

Draws and giveaways

Another way to get free cs go skins is to participate in sweepstakes on various sites. Many sites that sell and buy skins regularly arrange giveaways to attract users. You may need to repost, subscribe to a group, or do some other similar thing. If you follow what happens on a large number of such sites, you can pretty often get good skins in cs:go.

There are sites that list freebie resources. On them you can always find out about the current promotions of trading floors, various distributions, as well as copy the current promotional codes. The resulting skins can then be withdrawn and resold, or left to yourself.




You can also get free skins for сs:go via exchange. The easiest way to use for this is the tools that are in the Steam client. Open your profile so that the items to be exchanged are visible to other players, and sooner or later you will receive suitable offers. To speed up the process, you can make posts in thematic groups and keep track of what other players are offering.

However, the search for the desired skin can be delayed, and not everyone likes to spend time trading with other players. Therefore, an accessible alternative is the exchange with bots on various sites. It takes place automatically: the system evaluates your skins, and as a result it becomes possible to exchange several ordinary skins for one more expensive. Thanks to this, you get items from cs: go, without spending a penny of real money on it.


Skins replenishment

In almost the same way as exchanges, another way to get free skins for cs go is to replenish the account skins on the site. This opportunity is offered by many third-party trading platforms. Suppose, during a game of cop: the player managed to collect a certain number of skins. Among them, there will probably be duplicates, cheap or uninteresting items, but they can turn out to be really rare. By registering on the trading site, the account can be replenished not only with regular money, but also directly with skins. They are converted into cash, which is then spent on purchasing skins. As a result, you get your chosen game items for free, without investing a penny.


How to get skins in CS GO 3

Precautionary measures

In search of a place where to get free skins cs go, do not forget about safety measures. There are a lot of people who want to get cs: go skins through the site, so it is not surprising that this topic is constantly attracting the attention of scammers. Most sites require access to your Steam account in order to receive information about your inventory and make changes to it upon purchase. Therefore, having stumbled upon an unscrupulous website that promises a freebie, you risk losing items or money from your account. Before logging in, it does not hurt to do the following:

  • to study reviews about the site not only in the official group, but also on third-party resources; 

  • pay attention to warnings that your browser or antivirus may show; 

  • read the terms of use written on the site itself; 

  • check the link in the address bar of the browser - often scammers disguise themselves as known bona fide sites. 

There are quite a few active sites where you can get skins of cs go, but fraudulent ones can also be caught among them. Therefore, be careful, especially if you want to learn how to get expensive skins in cs:go, which are very rare.

Free skins can be considered as an opportunity to earn extra money. To purchase from, it is not necessary to run the game, because many sites contain instructions on how to get skins without CS. It is enough to use the promotional code or take part in the distribution in order to further sell the skin and withdraw this money.

How to get skins through the site

If you want to get cs: go skins through the site, it is worth considering that the conditions on each individual site may differ in details. You need to carefully study the instructions so as not to miss your chance to get a rare skin. You should not be limited to offers with expensive skins, because having got a freebie some cheap, you can always resell them or exchange them for any more expensive. The ability to get free cs go skins on thematic sites can be implemented in different ways: 

  • skins are given for entering a promotional code after registration; 

  • as a bonus, a small amount is charged for which you can buy a skin; 

  • one or more free cases are issued upon registration; 

  • cases are issued daily or at different intervals to all registered users.

Free skins сs:go can often be obtained not only on sites directly related to the game, but also on other game-related resources. They are often given as a sign up bonus or raffled off in various promotions.


The benefits of free skins

The question of how to get skins for free in cs go is of interest to many players. Someone buys them for their own pleasure to diversify the game, someone wants to collect a complete collection, and someone plans complex trading schemes, hoping to get income. In order for the free skins to bring benefits, you will need to track several sites with a freebie at the same time, do not forget to regularly enter the game and catch suitable offers in the market.

If you want to get free cs go skins as quickly as possible in order to accumulate more skins in your account for a collection or subsequent resale, you will need to combine different methods. Use promotions and offers. Keep track of the events in the cs go game itself so as not to miss the moments when you can earn experience faster or get any additional prizes. Master the trading floors and exchange with other players. At the same time, do not forget about the account security principles described above. Following these tips, you can quickly replenish your inventory of cs go skins.


How to get skins in CS GO 4


Skins in cs go are not just in-game items that give an original look to virtual weapons. They can be sold for real money, which means that if you managed to get a rare skin, it will most likely turn out to be sold for real money, and it can be very expensive. Use our platform to convert your existing skins into real money and withdraw the amount to an electronic wallet convenient for you.

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